Title tMorph Codes

tMorph Codes for titles including The Insane, Grand Marshal, High Warlord, Gladiator, Hand of A’dal, Stalker, Prophet, Assassin, Warbringer, Doctor, Jenkins, the Kingslayer, Dragonslayer, Farmer, Firelord, the Fearless, Zookeeper, Brawler and many more.

Private (Name)
.title 1

Corporal (Name)
.title 2

Sergeant (Name)
.title 3

Master Sergeant (Name)
.title 4

Sergeant Major (Name)
.title 5

Knight (Name)
.title 6

Knight-Lieutenant (Name)
.title 7

Knight-Captain (Name)
.title 8

Knight-Champion (Name)
.title 9

Lieutenant Commander (Name)
.title 10

Commander (Name)
.title 11

Marshal (Name)
.title 12

Field Marshal (Name)
.title 13

Grand Marshal (Name)
.title 14

Scout (Name)
.title 15

Grunt (Name)
.title 16

Sergeant (Name)
.title 17

Senior Sergeant (Name)
.title 18

First Sergeant (Name)
.title 19

Stone Guard (Name)
.title 20

Blood Guard (Name)
.title 21

Legionnaire (Name)
.title 22

Centurion (Name)
.title 23

Champion (Name)
.title 24

Lieutenant General (Name)
.title 25

General (Name)
.title 26

Warlord (Name)
.title 27

High Warlord (Name)
.title 28

Gladiator (Name)
.title 29

Duelist (Name)
.title 30

Rival (Name)
.title 31

Challenger (Name)
.title 32

Scarab Lord (Name)
.title 33

Conqueror (Name)
.title 34

Justicar (Name)
.title 35

(Name), Champion of the Naaru
.title 36

Merciless Gladiator (Name)
.title 37

(Name) of the Shattered Sun
.title 38

(Name), Hand of A’dal
.title 39

Vengeful Gladiator (Name)
.title 40

(Name) Of the Shattered Sun
.title 41

(Name) the Seeker
.title 42

Elder (Name)
.title 43

Flame Warden (Name)
.title 44

Flame Keeper (Name)
.title 45

(Name) the Exalted
.title 46

(Name) the Explorer
.title 47

(Name) the Diplomat
.title 48

Brutal Gladiator (Name)
.title 49

Arena Master (Name)
.title 50

Salty (Name)
.title 51

Chef (Name)
.title 52

(Name) the Supreme
.title 53

(Name) of the Ten Storms
.title 54

(Name) of the Emerald Dream
.title 55

Deadly Gladiator (Name)
.title 56

Prophet (Name)
.title 57

(Name) the Malefic
.title 58

Stalker (Name)
.title 59

(Name) of the Ebon Blade
.title 60

Archmage (Name)
.title 61

Warbringer (Name)
.title 62

Assassin (Name)
.title 63

Grand Master Alchemist (Name)
.title 64

Grand Master Blacksmith (Name)
.title 65

Iron Chef (Name)
.title 66

Grand Master Enchanter (Name)
.title 67

Grand Master Engineer (Name)
.title 68

Doctor (Name)
.title 69

Grand Master Angler (Name)
.title 70

Grand Master Herbalist (Name)
.title 71

Grand Master Scribe (Name)
.title 72

Grand Master Jewelcrafter (Name)
.title 73

Grand Master Leatherworker (Name)
.title 74

Grand Master Miner (Name)
.title 75

Grand Master Skinner (Name)
.title 76

Grand Master Tailor (Name)
.title 77

(Name) of Quel’Thalas
.title 78

(Name) of Argus
.title 79

(Name) of Khaz Modan
.title 80

(Name) of Gnomergan
.title 81

(Name) the Lion Hearted
.title 82

(Name), Champion of Elune
.title 83

(Name), Hero of Orgrimmar
.title 84

Plainsrunner (Name)
.title 85

(Name) of the Darkspear
.title 86

(Name) the Forsaken
.title 87

(Name) the Magic Seeker
.title 88

Twilight Vanquisher (Name)
.title 89

(Name), Conqueror of Naxxramas
.title 90

(Name), Hero of Northrend
.title 91

(Name) the Hallowed
.title 92

Loremaster (Name)
.title 93

(Name) of the Alliance
.title 94

(Name) of the Horde
.title 95

(Name) the Flawless Victor
.title 96

(Name), Champion of the Frozen Wastes
.title 97

Ambassador (Name)
.title 98

(Name) the Argent Champion
.title 99

(Name), Guardian of Cenarius
.title 100

Brewmaster (Name)
.title 101

Merrymaker (Name)
.title 102

(Name) the Love Fool
.title 103

Matron (Name)
.title 104

Patron (Name)
.title 105

Obsidian Slayer (Name)
.title 106

(Name) of the Nightfall
.title 107

(Name) the Immortal
.title 108

(Name) the Undying
.title 109

(Name) Jenkins
.title 110

Bloodsail Admiral (Name)
.title 111

(Name) the Insane
.title 112

(Name) of the Exodar
.title 113

(Name) of Darnassus
.title 114

(Name) of Ironforge
.title 115

(Name) of Stormwind
.title 116

(Name) of Orgrimmar
.title 117

(Name) of Sen’jin
.title 118

(Name) of Silvermoon
.title 119

(Name) of Thunder Bluff
.title 120

(Name) of the Undercity
.title 121

(Name) the Noble
.title 122

Crusader (Name)
.title 123

(Name), Death’s Demise
.title 124

(Name) the Celestial Defender
.title 125

(Name), Conqueror of Ulduar
.title 126

(Name), Champion of Ulduar
.title 127

Vanquisher (Name)
.title 128

Starcaller (Name)
.title 129

(Name) the Astral Walker
.title 130

(Name), Herald of the Titans
.title 131

Furious Gladiator (Name)
.title 132

(Name) the Pilgrim
.title 133

Relentless Gladiator (Name)
.title 134

Grand Crusader (Name)
.title 135

(Name) the Argent Defender
.title 136

(Name) the Patient
.title 137

(Name) the Light of Dawn
.title 138

(Name) Bane of the Fallen King
.title 139

(Name) the Kingslayer
.title 140

(Name) of the Ashen Verdict
.title 141

Wrathful Gladiator (Name)
.title 142

(Name) the Camel-Hoarder
.title 143

Warbringer (Name)
.title 144

Warbound (Name)
.title 145

(Name), Blessed Defender of Nordrassil
.title 146

(Name), Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions
.title 147

Assistant Professor (Name)
.title 148

Associate Professor (Name)
.title 149

Professor (Name)
.title 150

(Name) of the Four Winds
.title 151

(Name), Veteran of the Alliance
.title 152

(Name), Veteran of the Horde
.title 153

(Name), Hero of the Alliance
.title 182

(Name), Hero of the Horde
.title 183

(Name) the Bloodthirsty
.title 184

(Name), Defender of a Shattered World
.title 185

Dragonslayer (Name)
.title 186

(Name), Blackwing’s Bane
.title 187

(Name), Avenger of Hyjal
.title 188

(Name) the Flamebreaker
.title 189

Firelord (Name)
.title 190

Vicious Gladiator (Name)
.title 191

Ruthless Gladiator (Name)
.title 192

Cataclysmic Gladiator (Name)
.title 193

(Name), Savior of Azeroth
.title 194

Farmer (Name)
.title 195

(Name), Destroyer’s End
.title 196

(Name) the Beloved
.title 197

(Name) the Fearless
.title 198

Zookeeper (Name)
.title 199

(Name) the Relic Hunter
.title 200

(Name) the Undaunted
.title 201

(Name), Master of the Ways
.title 202

(Name) the Tranquil Master
.title 203

(Name), Delver of the Vaults
.title 204

Shado-Master (Name)
.title 205

(Name) the Scenaturdist
.title 206

Tamer (Name)
.title 207

(Name), Seeker of Knowledge
.title 208

Brawler (Name)
.title 209

(Name), Conqueror of Orgrimmar
.title 211

(Name), Liberator of Orgrimmar
.title 212

(Name), Hellscream’s Downfall
.title 214

(Name) the Proven Assailant
.title 215

(Name) the Proven Defender
.title 216

(Name) the Wakener
.title 218

(Name) the Proven Healer
.title 219

(Name) Khan
.title 220

(Name) the Stormbreaker
.title 221

(Name), Storm’s End
.title 222

Malevolent Gladiator (Name)
.title 223

Gob Squad Recruit (Name)
.title 224

Tyrannical Gladiator (Name)
.title 225

Gob Squad Commando (Name)
.title 226

Trainer (Name)
.title 227

Darkspear Revolutionary (Name)
.title 228

Gorgeous (Name)
.title 229

(Name), the Hordebreaker
.title 230

(Name) the Poisoned Mind
.title 231

(Name) the Bloodseeker
.title 232

(Name) the Locust
.title 233

(Name) the Swarmkeeper
.title 234

(Name) the Prime
.title 235

(Name) the Manipulator
.title 236

(Name) the Dissector
.title 237

(Name) the Lucid
.title 238

(Name) the Wind-Reaver
.title 239

(Name) the Crazy Cat Lady
.title 240

(Name), Defender of the Wall
.title 241

Mogu-Slayer (Name)
.title 242

Flameweaver (Name)
.title 243

Scarlet Commander (Name)
.title 244

Darkmaster (Name)
.title 245

Purified Defender (Name)
.title 246

Siegebreaker (Name)
.title 247

Stormbrewer (Name)
.title 248

Jade Protector (Name)
.title 249

Fire-Watcher (Name)
.title 251

(Name) the Crazy Cat Man
.title 252

Grievous Gladiator (Name)
.title 253

Prideful Gladiator (Name)
.title 254

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