Fist Weapon tMorph Codes

fist weapon tmorph codes

tMorph Codes for fist weapons including Claws of Shek’zeer, Sorka’s Chainfist, Calamity’s Grasp, Claw of the Phoenix, Greed, The Facebreaker and more. Constantly adding more.

—————————-Fist Weapons—————————-

Claw of Molten Fury
.item 16 32946

The Facebreaker
.item 16 48703

.item 16 37693

Claws of Shek’zeer
.item 16 86226

Sorka’s Chainfist
.item 16 113965

Calamity’s Grasp
.item 16 40383

Claw of the Phoenix
.item 16 29948

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