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tMorph Guide

tmorph guide

If I missed something you’d like to see added avoid the wait and find the codes now. I’ll go through the very easy ways to find the codes for weapons, gear, mounts and more.

Items and Gear

Step 1: Go to WoWHead.com and search for the item you want.
Step 2: Locate the item ID number in the page URL.

Step 3: Refer to the item slot ID list below depending on the item:

1 = head
3 = shoulder
4 = shirt
5 = chest
6 = waist
7 = legs
8 = feet
9 = wrist
10 = hands
15 = back
16 = main hand
17 = off hand
19 = tabard

So if you want to morph your head piece, type .item 1 followed by the item ID number, shoulders? .item 3. Since we want to use the code for Thunderfury in our main hand, we’d type .item 16 19019. Easy!

Mounts and NPCs

Step 1: Go to WoWHead.com and search for the mount or NPC you want.
Step 2: While on the page right click the screen and select View page source.

Step 3: On the source code page hit Ctrl+F to bring up the search bar. Type displayid. Always look for the display ID that’s in blue.

Step 4: Select the numbers immediately following the display ID. That’s the code we want.

Step 5: Now we have the code 67594. If it was a mount you searched for type .mount 67594. A NPC? .morph 67594. Done!

Artifact Weapons

It’s insanely easy to find the code for the various artifact appearances.

Step 1: Find the artifact you want on WoWHead.

Step 2: Select the item ID in the URL.

Step 3: Type .item 16 (for the main hand) then the item ID. That will give you the base appearance. To find the alternate versions add a space and 10, giving you .item 16 120978 10 Not it? Go up. 11. 12. 13. You’re cycling through the various forms of that artifact. Done!

Q & A

Q: Will I get banned?
A: No. I’ve personally used tMorph since MoP and have never been banned.

Q: Where do I download?
A: Here

Q: How do I change my gender?
A: Type .gender to swap to the opposite gender. Type it again to go back.

Q: How do I change my race?
A: To change your race use one of the codes below

.race 1 = Human
.race 2 = Orc
.race 3 = Dwarf
.race 4 = Night Elf
.race 5 = Undead
.race 6 = Tauren
.race 7 = Gnome
.race 8 = Troll
.race 9 = Goblin
.race 10 = Blood Elf
.race 11 = Draenei
.race 22 = Worgen
.race 24 = Pandaren

Q. How do I change my character’s features?

.skin 2
.face 1
.hair 6
.haircolor 3
.piercings 5

.tattoos 2
.horns 4
.blindfold 3

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  • Boa Magoichi

    another good site is wowdb, for that site they have the display id on mounts in the info box and for almost everything else they have the id in the url, Wowdb is how I found thas’dorah(128826)

  • Marcel Debatin

    for some reason the my off hand dagger wont chage the enchant is that bugged or am i just typeing it woring…?

    • Hamad

      Hennnooooo type ur enchant as .enchant 1 (the enchant number)
      for the main hand and .enchant 2 (enchant no.) for off hand

  • Antoine Salisson

    Did exist a command to change my warlock pet ( like for us but on the pet)?